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Here is the trailer of the short film that was created during the workshops with the showreel scene of every actor.

The workshops work as a residency programme that will let actors focus on their performance away from the usual distractions, and to network with other fellow international artists.


Actors work with film industry professionals who take time out from working in film to ensure the cinema quality of the footage.


On the last day, the films will be viewed and critiqued by the Instructors. 


We all have our set of tools to get jobs, for some, it's the camera for others the script, for actors having a great showreel and headshot can make the difference between getting an audition or not.


But it's not all about what you get it's the transformative experience you get. Acting for camera in a film environment is very specific, you need to develop certain skills like the awareness os your space, where your key light is, what's the camera's movement and lens, etc. These skills allow you to instinctively know where to go, what is best for the scene and your character.


It is a 5-day workshop in the sun, tailored to the actor's needs, so they have time to prepare the script and rehearse with a professional acting coach, to enhance their performance.


Our actors, co-star on a 2 to 3-minute sequence of a SHORT FILM, get a cinematic headshot PHOTOSHOOT that caters to the needs of Casting Directors.


They take back with them a unique international sequence from a proper film, shot on RED, that will stand out, and at the end of the workshop, actors get an IMDB credit once the film is edited.


This workshop we taught in Portugal and we helped our actors through this transformational process, preparing the scenes with a dialect coach, shooting in incredible locations, and having as a finished product, not only a showreel but an actual film with an IMDB credit.


We are going to do another one soon so don,t forget to let us know if you are interested!

"The most important investment an actor can make for his career(...)

is a HEADSHOT and after that a SHOWREEL."

Anne Chapman, CSA.

(The Abolitionist, Spielberg's Lincoln)