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We help you succeed and undersand on set mechanics.

We support you in your career and development of your craft.

There is more to a headshot than just a pretty picture.

Casting Calls, Tips, Advice, workshops, behind the scenes.

What if Casting Directors could see YOU in THAT role? Now they can.

The film acting workshops website was created to provide A place where we can shoot and learn together where you can find the tools  that you  need to prepare for a shoot or that important audition. We have loads of free cool videos with a lot of tips and tricks about acting, the latest casting calls, our instagram is updated daily with all sorts of relevant information that  can help you as an actor, not only get better at your craft but actually to get work.


ALL our showreels are shot on a RED  for 4K deliverables future proofing your investment.

  • Learn with award-winning actors like Helen Mirren or Natalie Portman's online courses.

  • Get more work, we actively search the web for casting calls every day.

  • Get inspired with our Videos, Acting Tips and Casting Calls.

  • Discover how to perform to camera with our showreels or workshops.

  • We shoot on a RED cinema camera for 4K deliverables.

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"You want to scour the place (set) to see what you might use that would be emotionally relevant, help the camera catch what's being read,  get very close to the camera (for the audience) to get the feeling of what you are going through"  

Oscar-winning actor Natalie Portman


Here at, we like to do things, well, differently, in an epic way. Our aim is to help you get better, to feel prepared for that big audition, or acting with that big star. Our last Workshop was in Sunny Portugal where our actors worked with a voice coach, a director, and an international crew to get a truly unique showreel experience in stunning locations.  Come with us Behind the scenes.

Unmute me!

This is the making of, of the workshop we taught in Portugal and the transformational process the actors when through, preparing the scenes with a dialect coach, shooting in incredible locations, and having as a finished product, not only a showreel but an actual film with an IMDB credit. We are going to do another one soon so don,t forget to let us know if you are interested!

Each scene is a dance between the actors and the camera, a ballet of sorts where every movement needs to be precise to achieve that magic where you look your best and your performance is enhanced to the next level and were we make sure that the audience is in the best place to see what’s happening with your character.